Friday, April 1, 2016

FAQ Friday!

Kelli asks:
What do I do about my son always choosing the last choice I give him, no matter what?

Kaegan answers:
I remember doing the same thing. It was easier than answering and impulsive. I think it might be helpful to give the choices silently and maybe place them way across the room from each other.

Julie asks:
What advice to you have for me and my autistic 12 year old daughter?

Kaegan answers:
I think that observing other 12 year old girls can help uncover the interests of an autistic 12 year old girl.

Cousin Cody asks:
How many percussion instruments are there? ;)

Kaegan answers (with a smirk):
By all accounts, I must say, all surfaces can become a percussion instrument and so I offer you the answer: Infinity.

Julie S. asks:
What was it like to go from one month no hope of asking a girl to prom, to the next month, asking and going?

Kaegan answers:
It was surreal and my date was the prettiest girl there, and she will always be my friend. I am thankful for the experience.

Melissa asks:
Do you have control over your singing? What is your favorite song to sing?

Kaegan answers:
I am sometimes able to control what I sing; however, I usually don't. All of my singing feels good, though, and I'm pretty good at it, so I don't worry a lot about it. 
I like to sing praise songs the best like, "Light Up the Sky," because it fills me with joy.

Darla asks:
Have you found essential oils to help with focus, sleep, emotions? Specifically, have you tried the Reconnect Kit?

Kaegan answers:
All the oils are pleasant, but I can't tell they do anything. Maybe I will try the Reconnect Kit again now that I can communicate and report back.
All the questions are fun! Keep them coming!

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  1. I find myself looking forward to Friday even more now! Kaegan, I love being able to read your answers to these questions. I love your wit, intelligence, and heart for helping others. I'm blessed to get to call you my friend, and I would like to come visit soon!