Friday, April 8, 2016

FAQ Friday!

Mrs. B asks:
Hi Kaegan, what were your greatest challenges when starting RPM? 

Kaegan answers:
The biggest struggle when beginning RPM was definitely controlling my behavior and I would feel such strong emotion because I could feel the communication getting close and my body would freak out. I spent a lot of energy on trying to control myself and I wanted to be able to communicate so badly, especially with my mom. 
I am hoping you have great success!

Friday, April 1, 2016

FAQ Friday!

Kelli asks:
What do I do about my son always choosing the last choice I give him, no matter what?

Kaegan answers:
I remember doing the same thing. It was easier than answering and impulsive. I think it might be helpful to give the choices silently and maybe place them way across the room from each other.

Julie asks:
What advice to you have for me and my autistic 12 year old daughter?

Kaegan answers:
I think that observing other 12 year old girls can help uncover the interests of an autistic 12 year old girl.

Cousin Cody asks:
How many percussion instruments are there? ;)

Kaegan answers (with a smirk):
By all accounts, I must say, all surfaces can become a percussion instrument and so I offer you the answer: Infinity.

Julie S. asks:
What was it like to go from one month no hope of asking a girl to prom, to the next month, asking and going?

Kaegan answers:
It was surreal and my date was the prettiest girl there, and she will always be my friend. I am thankful for the experience.

Melissa asks:
Do you have control over your singing? What is your favorite song to sing?

Kaegan answers:
I am sometimes able to control what I sing; however, I usually don't. All of my singing feels good, though, and I'm pretty good at it, so I don't worry a lot about it. 
I like to sing praise songs the best like, "Light Up the Sky," because it fills me with joy.

Darla asks:
Have you found essential oils to help with focus, sleep, emotions? Specifically, have you tried the Reconnect Kit?

Kaegan answers:
All the oils are pleasant, but I can't tell they do anything. Maybe I will try the Reconnect Kit again now that I can communicate and report back.
All the questions are fun! Keep them coming!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

FAQ Friday

Question: What would you like for Grandparents to know?

I think it is impossible to explain how important the job of grandparent is. I am interested in knowing how grandparents see themselves as role models in the lives of their grand children. Do you know all of the love you show matters? If I can only say one thing, it is that you are important in the lives of your autistic grandchildren in the same way as your non-autistic grand children.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

FAQ Friday (on Saturday)

FAQ Friday! (posted on Saturday.. haha)

Faith asks, "What are some ways to respond to movements that look stiff and jerky and involuntary that take up a lot of time? They are hard to interrupt and I"ld like to understand them more."

Kaegan's Response:
I am familiar with involuntary movements and I am thinking that he does not mean to do them. It is respectful to interrupt and even necessary so that he is not stuck. I think that he needs your help to stop the movements that are not his will and he is not able to stop them himself. I think RPM is the best way to get purposeful. At least it has been for me. I am interested in meeting Jaedon and I hope to soon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The First Lesson
by: Kaegan Smith

The first time I think I ever realized that I was not crazy was during my first RPM lesson and that is where my story begins.

I was finally aware that my life had meaning and that someone was going to help me and that I could communicate and make something out of myself instead of living life inside a body that did whatever it chose without my permission. It was the most exciting day of my life, and I am grateful yet angry about my body that won't cooperate.

I won't give up, though, and I will gain control over my body yet. In the words of Winston Churchill, "Never give up."

All of my life has been to praise God and bring glory to Him and I give all credit to Him and praise Him with my life.